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Manage, store, process, and share environmental sensor data.

About the platform

See. Hear. Know.

Across Canada, people are using technology to ask new kinds of questions about the natural world. WildTrax is an online platform that simplifies the processing, organization, storage, and sharing of environmental sensor data. It benefits both users and the bigger picture of environmental monitoring.

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WildTrax is built for environmental sensor data

Remote Cameras

Choose from adjustable settings and tags for image sets. Efficiently verify species and images.

Acoustic Data

Tag spectrograms dynamically and rapidly verify species tags in acoustic media.

Avian Point Counts

View point count data. Download and synthesize point counts with acoustic data.


Store and manage metadata from environmental sensors.

What Does wildtrax do

You can use WildTrax to…

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01 / Discover

Find available data in your region of interest and explore open data nation-wide

a collective of wildlife photographs

02 / Store

Provide unlimited, online access to your data

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03 / Manage

Create more accurate, higher-quality data

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04 / Process

Achieve up to a 45% increase in your processing efficiency

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05 / Share

Facilitate data sharing with collaborators or broader initiatives

Who’s Wildtrax for?

Whether you’re part of a large organization involved in monitoring efforts or an individual researcher, the platform allows you to work and explore data more efficiently.

Anyone looking to:

WildTrax offers seamless and flexible options for privacy and sharing, so that users can easily share their data with their teams, collaborators and the public, or keep it private. Anyone can explore the Data Discover portal for open data from projects in their area of interest. The Resources section includes protocols used by multiple organizations to guide your own research or monitoring.

WildTrax standardizes data processing and integrates automated database checks to ensure data standards are achieved. The inclusion of species verification allows you to validate tags.

WildTrax has a variety of integrated tools to speed up media processing, such as Microsoft’s Megadetector to classify images as vehicles, animals, or humans, and the ability to incorporate acoustic recognizers to identify specific vocalization patterns.

These and other tools increase efficiency, so you can spend more time on the species you’re interested in (e.g., by removing false fires).

WildTrax is a robust platform that supports open data initiatives, and encourages contributors to adopt open data principles. WildTrax aims to provide tools and a flexible system that can adapt to evolving data collection practices and meet the needs of various users, from field technicians to decision makers.

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