Our Team

WildTrax is delivered by a team from the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute and the Bioacoustic Unit at the University of Alberta.

Cedar Waxwing Bird perched on a branch.

Program Delivery

The WildTrax team is responsible for both maintaining the day-to-day functionality of WildTrax as well as continued research and development of new features and capabilities.

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

The ABMI is a value-neutral, non-profit scientific organization that tracks changes in Alberta’s wildlife and habitats from border to border to provide ongoing, relevant, and scientifically credible information on Alberta’s living resources.They are a global leader in biodiversity monitoring, delivering one of the largest, most comprehensive biodiversity monitoring programs in the world.

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The Bioacoustic Unit is a collaboration between the Bayne Lab at the University of Alberta and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. They are a leader in the application of wildlife acoustic data to environmental management and research needs. They assist in collecting audio data, analyzing the recordings, and reporting the results and develop tools, protocols and recommendations on the best practices for monitoring programs across the country.

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The WildTrax Team

Meet the team

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Dr. Erin Bayne

ABMI Science Centre Co-Director

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Corrina Copp

ABMI Information Centre Director

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Alex MacPhail

Acoustic Coordinator

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Michael Packer

Software Developer

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Chad Klassen

Software Developer

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Screenshot of Cassie Stevenson, a woman with long hair wearing a green button-up shirt

Cassie Stevenson

Senior Wildlife Camera Coordinator

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